Eve Biddle, Bowie Barnett-Zunino, Elan Bogarin, and I started working together in 2009. They had conceived of, and produced, a small arts and music festival in Wassaic NY the previous summer. Following the second festival in 2009, we decided to move to Wassaic full time and open an art residency to begin summer of 2010. Eve, Bowie, and I continue to share the title of Co-Executive Director, managing, curating, and thinking together. It has been the great challenge and joy of my life to collaborate with so many talented people to build this project. Please check out our website designed by the talented folks at Studio Bueno, and populated by our incredible team member Joe Brommel

Founded in 2008, the Wassaic Project has grown, shifted, evolved and never stopped. We are a group of artists who work collaboratively (within a town) to ensure access to culture, promote emerging artists and to do so with an emphasis on creating new legacy pathways for non-white artists. We encourage a healthy approach to artistic practice, taking into account the realitys of human experience and work to facilitate new and expanding cooperative relationships among artists in our programming.  We are a rural arts organization and have an immense responsibility to support, nourish, and better the locale in which we inhabit. We take our roles as community members very seriously and contribute wholly of ourselves to a larger effort of generousity and impact.


Wassaic Project housed in the former Maxon Mills Building Wassaic, NY


The Luyas performing at the 2011 Wassaic Summer Festival 


Eve Biddle, Bowie Barnett-Zunino, Jeff Barnett-Winsby (Zunino)


Scott Boardman, Jase Boardman, and Jeff Barnett-Winsby driving a fire truck in the annual Wassaic Project Community Day Parade