Upon First Meeting (Craig’s List)

Below is a copy of one of the ads I placed on craigslist soliciting models. The people who replied were all looking for something, whether it was free portrait services or relief from boredom, I think we all learned something. While the learning something concept is a given and a little cliche' as well I feel like it sums up my experiences with these people. For the record no one was creepy or out of line or anything crazy. Most people were incredibly friendly and I enjoyed myself immensely. Thank you to all who participated. 2006

"I am looking for models for my photo project. I come to your house and set up lights and make a photograph. I am not interested in nudity, and you need no experience. I am a graduate student at RISD in photo, and this is for a project on portraits I am working on. I do require a model release. In exchange you will recieve $15 or a print. I also hope you have a good time."

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i'm free monday wednesday and fridays...

i'm a student living in providence,



Dear Student:
I'll be happy to do your project, but I would like to confirm your bona fides with the professor for whom you are doing the project first. If you're willing to give me their name, I'll confirm you are who you say you are and sit for you.



I'm also a RISD student and free most days. Lisa


What kind of people are you looking for?

Single or couples?



sorry for taking so long! i can do it:

monday after 6

tuesday and wednesday between 12 and 3

thursday anytime do any of these work for you?





I have a 1966 Corvette Sting Ray that I would love to have photo's taken. Is this for free?

Thanks, AL